Historical Moments
One of the early visits to W+D Neuwied back in 1994.
( Mr. Dörner on the left )

Machine training course on W+D 527GSV back in 1994.

Mr. Chris Way's AVPEX - KAMA 1st visit to our company in year 2000, has shown a lot of confidence to our company for promoting the BOPS film for the envelope making industry in this region.

The AGENCY contract signing occasion at W+D AG Neuwied in year 2000 for the territory of : MALAYSIA, INDONESIA and THAILAND

( Mr. Dieter Böhme on the right - member of the Management Board )
( Mr. Heinz Büscher on the left - Regional Sales Manager )

29th Nov 2002, the Official Opening Day of our new building
( Principals from W+D AG, POEM Gmbh and AVPEX-KAMA were present at the ceremony with customers from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia )

The 1st visit of Mr. Kurz, newly appointed CEO  of Winkler+Duennebier visited our premises back in March 2006.

( Mr. Schmidt on the right - Regional Sales Manager )

OPEN HOUSE in 2007

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