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W+D 31 


Die Cut Press


W+D 86


W+D 35

<>W+D 127MGS


W+D 135

W+D 327GS

W+D 32

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W+D 227GS

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W+D 801.22
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W+D 527GSV+.38

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W+D 29CS


W+D 149-HK


W+D 49L -HK


W+D 327GSR


" We do not call this type of service package as REBUILT
as we understand nobody is qualify to be considered as
rebuilting machine except the original machine manufacturers.


                                Package B     : Recondition with specific parts replacement
A : Recondition with specific part replacement and upgrades


Loading and forwarding cost for ;

  • Unpack and unloading of the machine from container/truck into our workshop.
  • Loading of the machine from our workshop onto the truck/container upon ready for shipment.
Our professional labour cost for ;

  • Cleaning, checking , identifying, dismantling worn out parts.
  • All metal polishing and grinding for machine’s vacuum cylinders, shaft and body frame.
  • Re-assemble of replacement parts, re-timing for the machine & in house final TESTING                               ( exclude costs for raw materials ) prior delivery.
Material supplied and Basic Parts recondition ;

  • Supply Cleaning material, lubricant and new paint for the machine.
  • All rubber rollers. - RECOATING.
  • All transport plateCHROMING. 
  • All rubber rollers. - RECOATING.
  • All paper transport guides - Blackening treatment against rust.
  • Replacement of badly worn out bearings for all gumming units only.
  • Revised central lubricating line.
  • All NEW brass screws ( M10 and M8 ).
  • All NEW spring hose for vacuum and low air lines.
  • RECOAT all printing DUCT rollers. *
New Items supplied ;

  • All NEW timing belts.
  • All NEW transport belts.
  • All NEW green rubber rolls.
  • All NEW scoring knives.
  • All NEW carbon brush for main motor.
  • All NEW operational plate on push buttons.
  • All NEW push buttons. *

 EXCLUSIVE OF ; ( Optional surplus )

  • Insurance coverage during the reconditioning period.
  • Upgrading surplus such as electronic sensor and counter, vacuum switch.
  • Any upgrading of control panel.
  • Replacement of motor drive/push buttons/missing parts.
  • Any Recoating of Analoc printing roller.
  • Replacement of  drying chain, heater element.
  • Reconditioning of the vacuum pumps.
  • Replacement for ceramic cutting bar.
  • Upgrading of cutting system to magnetic/foil cutting.
  • Replacement of gumming tray and ink tank+tray to STAINLESS Steel ( if required )
  • Size tools.
  • Tools for adjusting and setting the machine up for different size.



Our offer for machine reconditioning is valid
ONLY for MACHINEs that purchased  from our company
and for works
to be done at our premises .

This service is our COMMITMENT to this industry !

HEXAGON CHOICE  @ updated 2016